Nokia patents granted on 17 July 2012

18 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,225,296 Method for selecting plug-in code modules in a computing device
2 8,225,014 Continuous data provision by radio frequency identification (RFID) transponders
3 8,224,657 Method and device for efficient in-band dim-and-burst signaling and half-rate max operation in variable bit-rate wideband speech coding for CDMA wireless systems
4 8,224,648 Hybrid approach in voice conversion
5 8,224,372 Uplink power control for multiple component carriers
6 8,224,324 Method of cell re-selection in multimedia broadcast multicast service (MBMS) system after MBMS session stop
7 8,224,257 Collaborative spectrum sensing in radio environment
8 8,224,246 Device to device connection setup using near-field communication
9 8,224,181 Protection device for removing signal interference in a passive optical network
10 8,223,901 Interference in communication devices
11 8,223,769 Method and circuitry for processing data
12 8,223,746 More economical resource application on the user interaction within a speech dialogue system in a packet network by means of a simplifying processing of signalling information
13 8,223,728 Combined scheduling and network coding for wireless mesh networks
14 8,223,724 Frame and chip offset for SRNC in UE involved relocation on carrier sharing
15 8,223,721 Mobile station handover using transferrable virtual access point address for wireless networks
16 8,223,647 System and method for increasing data throughout using a block acknowledgement
17 8,223,227 Read out method for a CMOS imager with reduced dark current
18 8,223,126 Apparatuses and methods for facilitating user designation of device functions