Nokia patents granted on 17 June 2014

15 US patents granted on 17 June 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 D707,214 Handset
2 8,756,624 Method for single sign-on when using a set-top box
3 8,756,002 Method and apparatus for conditional provisioning of position-related information
4 8,755,834 Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving RF signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems
5 8,755,822 Method and system for locating a mobile terminal
6 8,755,553 Apparatus
7 8,755,459 Methods and apparatuses for interference cancellation with frequency error compensation for equalizer adaptation
8 8,755,391 Method and device for operating at least two radio access technologies and communication system comprising such device
9 8,755,368 Network-independent provision and registration for services
10 8,755,322 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing internet protocol multicast transport
11 8,755,320 Identification of MBMS service from a central node to UMTS LTE eNBs
12 8,755,299 Self-organizing network related power capacity status reporting
13 8,754,961 Apparatus and method for generating image data from overlapping regions of images
14 8,754,825 Control logic for adaptive antenna
15 8,754,342 Top push switch