Nokia patents granted on 17 March 2015

14 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,984,588 Method and apparatus for identity federation gateway
2 8,984,529 Computing device having a multiple process architecture for running plug-in code modules
3 8,984,361 Protocols for multi-hop relay system with centralized scheduling
4 8,984,117 System and method for re-publication of information in a network-based communication system
5 8,984,090 Method and apparatus for providing derivative publications of a publication at one or more services
6 8,983,953 Methods and apparatuses for facilitating interaction with a geohash-indexed data set
7 8,983,763 Method and apparatus for determining a relative position of a sensing location with respect to a landmark
8 8,983,477 Generation and use of coverage area models
9 8,983,450 Method and device for forwarding MBMS contents
10 8,983,050 Handling of forwarded calls
11 8,982,833 Communication resource allocation strategy
12 8,982,749 System and method for providing closed subscriber groups in a packet-based wireless communication system
13 8,982,716 Providing positioning assistance data
14 8,980,137 Composite for providing electromagnetic shielding