Nokia patents granted on 17 May 2016

22 US patents granted on 17 May 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,345,048 Random access data channel for machine type communications
2 9,345,015 Method and apparatus for re-interpreting channel state information
3 9,345,006 Space Frequency block coding for PUCCH
4 9,344,997 Selection of communication mode
5 9,344,953 Apparatus and method for initialization and mapping of reference signals in a communication system
6 9,344,916 Method and apparatus for signaling sequence root
7 9,344,898 Base station, mobile communication system, and interference suppression method
8 9,344,826 Method and apparatus for communicating with audio signals having corresponding spatial characteristics
9 9,344,580 Charging for short message delivery
10 9,344,411 Key handling in communication systems
11 9,344,254 Two outer loop link adaptations for legacy user equipment
12 9,344,204 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for adaptive relaying data distribution in wireless networks
13 9,344,133 Customisation of an electronic device
14 9,344,051 Apparatus, method and storage medium for performing adaptive audio equalization
15 9,343,034 User interface, device and method for displaying a stable screen view
16 9,342,866 Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating panorama images
17 9,342,754 Image segmentation using blur and color
18 9,342,155 Character entry apparatus and associated methods
19 9,342,106 Apparatus and method for accessing components in a folded device
20 9,341,716 Method, apparatus and system for GPS time synchronization using cellular signal bursts
21 9,341,494 Apparatuses and methods for managing route navigation via mobile devices
22 9,339,726 Method and apparatus for modifying the presentation of information based on the visual complexity of environment information