Nokia patents granted on 19 August 2014

28 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 D711,340 Handset
2 8,813,171 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for facilitating authorization of a roaming mobile terminal
3 8,812,990 Method and apparatus for presenting a first person world view of content
4 8,812,688 Method and apparatus for providing shared connectivity
5 8,812,623 Techniques to support selective mobile content optimization
6 8,812,499 Method and apparatus for providing context-based obfuscation of media
7 8,812,416 Predictive service for third party application developers
8 8,812,382 Charging for a communication system
9 8,812,232 Method and apparatus for reducing energy consumption of a user equipment
10 8,812,046 System and method for self-optimization of interference coordination in communication systems
11 8,811,981 Method, apparatus and computer program product for relaying CAMEL related messages in a telecommunications network
12 8,811,942 Method and apparatus for the activation of services
13 8,811,887 Data load redistribution within a relay enhanced telecommunication network
14 8,811,586 Method and application for arranging a conference call in a cellular network and a mobile terminal operating in a cellular network
15 8,811,516 Channel feedback to support efficient rank override
16 8,811,374 Synchronization for device-to-device communication
17 8,811,311 Method and apparatus for performing random access procedure using soft dedicated preambles
18 8,811,309 Implicit resource allocation using shifted synchronization sequence
19 8,811,297 Method of connection based scheduling with differentiated service support for multi-hop wireless network
20 8,811,296 System and method for one-phase access in a communication system
21 8,811,240 Techniques for resource allocation for stations in a FDD wireless network
22 8,811,222 Method and apparatus for controlling power of mobile station
23 8,811,216 Apparatus and method for cubic metric computation in dual-carrier and multi-carrier wireless communication system
24 8,811,207 Allocating control data to user equipment
25 8,810,626 Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating panorama images
26 8,810,401 Data processing apparatus and associated user interfaces and methods
27 8,810,368 Method and apparatus for providing biometric authentication using distributed computations
28 8,810,236 Apparatus and associated methods