Nokia patents granted on 19 January 2016

14 US patents granted on 19 January 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,241,341 Method and apparatus for providing carrier indication and carrier sensing in a wireless network
2 9,241,273 Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for configuration of signaling radio bearers
3 9,241,265 Method and apparatus for handling incoming status messages
4 9,241,256 Transmission and distribution of position- and/or network-related information from access networks
5 9,241,255 Local breakout with optimized interface
6 9,241,020 Group details of group services
7 9,240,932 VOIP cooperative multipoint solution
8 9,240,839 Transmitting data to a rolling shutter sensor array via a light emitter array
9 9,240,714 Voltage converter using graphene capacitors
10 9,240,214 Multiplexed data sharing
11 9,240,158 Method and apparatus for program utilization of display area
12 9,239,772 Detecting true battery removal from a host device by comparing a voltage level on a communication line with a threshold voltage level
13 9,239,674 Method and apparatus for providing different user interface effects for different implementation characteristics of a touch event
14 9,239,624 Free hand gesture control of automotive user interface