Nokia patents granted on 19 July 2016

18 US patents granted on 19 July 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,398,566 Inter-operator radio resource sharing in dense deployments of small cell networks
2 9,398,493 Method, apparatus, and system providing operator controlled mobility for user equipment
3 9,398,491 Methods and apparatus for resource allocation based on changeable service levels
4 9,398,437 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for service discovery in wireless short-range communication
5 9,398,313 Depth map coding
6 9,398,279 Image sensor optimization
7 9,398,232 Special effect video camera
8 9,398,137 Method, device and system for controlling application launching in a mobile terminal device
9 9,398,110 Method and apparatus for providing standard information processing pipelines
10 9,397,843 Method for configuring billing processes in network elements
11 9,397,767 Method of controlling noise rise in a cell
12 9,396,757 Video remixing system
13 9,396,603 Method and apparatus for managing services using reusable bearer tags
14 9,396,539 Methods and apparatuses for face detection
15 9,396,148 System method for connecting USB Type-C devices by measuring predetermined test patterns between a plurality of connected accessories
16 9,396,040 Method and apparatus for providing multi-level distributed computations
17 9,396,019 Management communication
18 9,395,907 Method and apparatus for adapting a content package comprising a first content segment from a first content source to display a second content segment from a second content source