Nokia patents granted on 19 June 2012

18 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 D662,072 Handset
2 8,205,170 Electronic devices
3 8,205,094 Tamper evident removable media storing executable code
4 8,204,995 Multidevice session establishment for multimodal browsing
5 8,204,939 Method and apparatus initiating instant messaging with a party during a telephone call where instant messaging address and telephone number are associated in a database
6 8,204,932 Method and apparatus for instant messaging
7 8,204,886 Method and apparatus for preparation of indexing structures for determining similar points-of-interests
8 8,204,800 Method and apparatus for displaying purchasing information on a mobile device
9 8,204,509 Method of and device for air time management in multi-access channel networks
10 8,204,134 Grouping of image frames in video coding
11 8,204,098 Control signaling for multiple carrier high speed uplink packet access in radio frequency communication systems
12 8,204,019 Method and system to enable simultaneous reception of plurality of services in DVB systems
13 8,204,018 Hierarchical frame structure for OFDMA systems with relay
14 8,203,995 Connection maintenance in wireless network with relays via CID encapsulation
15 8,203,989 Distributing content in a communication network
16 8,203,982 Access domain selection in a terminal
17 8,203,974 Method for establishing packet-switched connection, and cellular network utilizing the method, and cellular terminal
18 8,201,436 Calibration