Nokia patents granted on 19 October 2010

21 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 D625,700 Handset
2 7,818,453 Address transition and message correlation between networks nodes
3 7,818,114 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program product for traffic data aggregation using virtual trip lines and GPS-enabled mobile handsets
4 7,818,079 Equalization based on digital signal processing in downsampled domains
5 7,818,026 Configuration of a terminal
6 7,818,002 Subscriber registrations in a mobile communication system
7 7,817,961 Beacon transmission in short-range wireless communication systems
8 7,817,921 Determination of the amplified spontaneous emission in an optical fibre amplifier
9 7,817,919 Method for transmission of data packets by means of an optical burst switching network and network nodes for an optical burst switching network
10 7,817,858 Communication terminal
11 7,817,850 Information terminal
12 7,817,679 Method and a system for transferring AMR signaling frames on halfrate channels
13 7,817,667 Method, apparatus and computer program to dynamically adjust segmentation at a protocol layer, such as at the medium access control (MAC) layer
14 7,817,648 Interworking control between different communication parties
15 7,817,622 Unlicensed mobile access optimization
16 7,817,618 Method, system and devices for optimizing use of contexts/ access point names
17 7,817,594 Method for operating a device in a radio access network of a radio communication system as well as radio access network and device
18 7,817,559 Network node power conservation apparatus, system, and method
19 7,817,545 Jitter buffer for a circuit emulation service over an internal protocol network
20 7,816,954 Circuit configuration of a frequency divider
21 7,816,838 Piezoelectric force sensing