Nokia patents granted on 20 August 2013

19 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE44,447 Method and system for forward link cell switching approach without ABIS traffic flooding
2 8,516,602 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for providing distributed access rights management using access rights filters
3 8,516,205 Method and apparatus for providing efficient context classification
4 8,516,115 Passing information to and from an application server in a communication system
5 8,515,818 Method, user interface, apparatus, server, system, and computer program for providing a map view
6 8,515,495 MIMO communication system
7 8,515,448 Upload and download of position reference data
8 8,515,431 Methods and apparatuses for facilitating triggered mobility
9 8,515,410 Enabling different base station ES levels based on time to activate cell
10 8,515,409 Method and apparatus for providing a publish/subscribe mechanism over an ad-hoc mesh network
11 8,515,211 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for maintaining of security and integrity of image data
12 8,514,818 System and methods for generating masking sequences
13 8,514,817 Adaptive preamble length for continuous connectivity transmission
14 8,514,809 Mapping quality of service for intersystem handover
15 8,514,802 Method to evaluate fairness of resource allocations in shared bands
16 8,514,725 Operating network entities in a communications system
17 8,514,710 Data compression negotiation in a telecommunication system
18 8,514,244 Mobile communication terminal and method therefore
19 8,513,883 Electroluminescent device having piezoelectric component