Nokia patents granted on 20 December 2016

11 US patents granted on 20 December 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,526,110 Techniques for multi-RAT (radio access technology) coordinated resource sharing
2 9,526,003 Secure bootstrapping architecture method based on password-based digest authentication
3 9,525,996 System, terminal, network entity, method, and computer program product for system selection in a multi-mode communication system
4 9,525,986 Method and apparatus for providing triggered-presentation of a participant message associated with a multi-party communication session
5 9,525,964 Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable storage media for providing interactive navigational assistance using movable guidance markers
6 9,525,526 Signaling of uplink scheduling information in case of carrier aggregation
7 9,525,201 Hinge that serves as a radiator
8 9,524,556 Method, apparatus and computer program product for depth estimation
9 9,524,353 Method and system for providing portions of information content to a client device
10 9,524,094 Method and apparatus for causing display of a cursor
11 9,523,762 Determining a position of a terminal