Nokia patents granted on 20 March 2012

19 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE43,260 Method for clustering and querying media items
2 RE43,256 Processing of images using a limited number of bits
3 8,140,933 Buffering packets of a media stream
4 8,140,900 Establishing a connection between a testing and/or debugging interface and a connector
5 8,140,650 Use of configurations in device with multiple configurations
6 8,140,527 Retrieving personal user information for storage in a device
7 8,140,077 Handover or location update for optimization for relay stations in a wireless network
8 8,140,066 Power consumption reduction logic for unscheduled APSD and real time services
9 8,140,060 Method and architecture to deliver pre-customized business card multimedia contents through IMS-based PLMNs for improving the existing calling line identification service
10 8,139,939 Upgradeable passive optical network
11 8,139,559 Method and network device for accounting chargeable signaling
12 8,139,520 Method of preventing or limiting the number of simultaneous sessions in wireless local area network (WLAN)
13 8,139,512 Distributed iterative decoding for co-operative diversity
14 8,139,334 Over-voltage protection circuit
15 8,139,125 Optical image recording device with small height and high resolution
16 8,139,035 Touch sensitive keypad with tactile feedback
17 8,138,771 Touch controller with read-out line
18 8,138,436 Keypad with cantilever keys
19 8,137,981 Apparatus and associated methods