Nokia patents granted on 20 May 2008

16 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 7,376,899 Method and system for producing a graphical password, and a terminal device
2 7,376,697 Arrangement of data synchronization in a telecommunications system
3 7,376,625 System and method for activating individualized software modules in a digital broadcast environment
4 7,376,554 Excitation for higher band coding in a codec utilising band split coding methods
5 7,376,446 Mobile communications network with expanded carrier capacity and method of expanding base station carrier capacity
6 7,376,428 Positioning method and radio system
7 7,376,426 Memory management in mobile network
8 7,376,420 Method and network device for running especially personalized communication services in a communication system
9 7,376,299 Optical bi-directional rotary hinge
10 7,376,170 Digital imbalance correction method and device in a receiver for multi-carrier applications
11 7,376,150 Point-to-point repair response mechanism for point-to-multipoint transmission systems
12 7,376,110 Method for scheduling packet data transmission
13 7,376,108 Data transmission method and data transmission arrangement
14 7,375,870 Enhancement electrode configuration for electrically controlled light modulators
15 7,375,616 Electronic near field communication enabled multifunctional device and method of its operation
16 7,374,424 Hinge with optical signal conduit and electrical connection