Nokia patents granted on 20 October 2009

25 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D602,482 Handset
2 D602,469 Loudspeaker for a headset
3 D602,468 Loudspeaker for a headset
4 D602,463 Handset
5 D602,459 Handset
6 7,607,012 Method for securing a communication
7 7,606,928 Method and device for controlling receiver buffer fullness level in multimedia streaming
8 7,606,910 Method for indicating a UE that it must register
9 7,606,587 Multicast transmission in a cellular network
10 7,606,559 System, and associated terminal, method and computer program product for forwarding content and providing digital rights management of the same
11 7,606,556 System and method for handling sessions of specific type in communication networks
12 7,606,543 Signal quality indicator apparatus and method particularly useful for mobile telephones
13 7,606,534 Method for operating a base station of a mobile radio system, signaling unit, control unit, mobile station and computer program
14 7,606,533 Method and system for selecting data items for service requests
15 7,606,400 Arrangement for authentication of a person
16 7,606,331 Frequency offset compensation in radio receiver
17 7,606,319 Method and detector for a novel channel quality indicator for space-time encoded MIMO spread spectrum systems in frequency selective channels
18 7,606,261 Call routing in a telecommunication system
19 7,606,216 Device for the packet-based access of classical ISDN/PSTN subscribers to a switching system
20 7,606,205 System and method for providing selection diversity for multicasting content
21 7,606,152 Setting a communication channel
22 7,606,043 Rocker key in a portable electronic device
23 7,605,801 Portable device
24 7,605,794 Adjusting the refresh rate of a display
25 7,605,408 Apparatus, method and system for reconfigurable circuitry