Nokia patents granted on 21 April 2009

30 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D590,823 Front cover of a handset
2 D590,822 Handset
3 D590,821 Cover for a handset
4 D590,820 Set of keys for a handset
5 D590,818 Panel for a handset
6 D590,814 Headset
7 D590,813 Headset
8 D590,806 Handset
9 D590,805 Handset
10 D590,803 Handset
11 D590,800 Handset
12 D590,799 Handset
13 D590,798 Handset
14 D590,770 Charger for a handset
15 7,523,507 Delivery of non-permanent media files to a mobile station
16 7,523,491 System, apparatus, and method for accessing mobile servers
17 7,523,032 Speech coding method, device, coding module, system and software program product for pre-processing the phase structure of a to be encoded speech signal to match the phase structure of the decoded signal
18 7,522,945 Portable electronic device
19 7,522,920 Method and apparatus for parameter recoding
20 7,522,913 Communication terminal handling user-to-user information received during a call
21 7,522,885 Method and apparatus for continuously controlling the dynamic range from an analog-to-digital converter
22 7,522,676 Method and system for transmitter envelope delay calibration
23 7,522,656 Reception of multiple code length CDMA transmissions
24 7,522,627 System and method for packet forwarding
25 7,522,613 Multiplexing media components of different sessions
26 7,522,612 Telecommunication network using the W-CDMA protocol with AAL-2 based termination points
27 7,522,519 Apparatus, and associated method, for asynchronously pre-reserving channel to effectuate an interactive packet communication service in a radio communication system
28 7,522,513 Method and system for receiving a multi-carrier signal
29 7,522,198 Electronic device, a method and a program product for determining a show zoom ratio for an image
30 7,522,011 High pass modulation of a phase locked loop