Nokia patents granted on 21 April 2015

17 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE45,485 Method and arrangement for concealing true identity of user in communications system
2 9,015,393 Master-slave interface
3 9,015,296 Method of managing network element settings
4 9,015,292 Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing composite capability information for devices in distributed networks
5 9,015,228 Method and apparatus for providing proxy-based sharing of access histories
6 9,015,223 Method and device for providing triggering information to several clients using an electronic guide
7 9,015,126 Method and apparatus for eventually consistent delete in a distributed data store
8 9,014,694 Non-orthogonal transmit mode
9 9,014,311 Interleaved multi-beam acquisition waveform providing concurrent beam selection, automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic frequency correction (AFC)
10 9,014,238 Method of and apparatus for synchronization
11 9,014,125 Circuit switched domain codec list for single radio voice call continuity
12 9,014,121 Apparatus and method for acquisition of a common enhanced dedicated channel resource
13 9,014,106 Method, apparatus and computer readable medium embodying a program for resource allocation
14 9,014,035 Method and apparatus for providing management of measurement reporting after cell change
15 9,013,592 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for presenting burst images
16 9,013,279 Data access during wireless communication
17 9,011,752 Electromagnetic wave transmission lines using magnetic nanoparticle composites