Nokia patents granted on 21 August 2012

15 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 D665,766 Handset
2 D665,764 Handset
3 D665,761 Handset
4 8,250,184 System, network entities and computer programs for configuration management of a dynamic host configuration protocol framework
5 8,249,597 Method of packet switched handover
6 8,249,550 Method and apparatus for achieving good usability for networked applications in multi mode mobile terminals
7 8,249,192 Techniques to transmit data rate control signals for multi-carrier wireless systems
8 8,249,055 Method for localization and location-related connection of a mobile Voice-over-IP subscriber to an emergency call station
9 8,249,022 Channel allocation when using measurement gaps with H-ARQ
10 8,249,012 Recovery method for lost signaling connection with HSDPA/fractional DPCH
11 8,248,997 Apparatus and method for positioning a wireless user equipment
12 8,248,941 Method, apparatus and computer program for uplink scheduling in a network that employs relay nodes
13 8,248,910 Physical layer and data link layer signalling in digital video broadcast preamble symbols
14 8,248,376 User interfaces and associated apparatus and methods
15 8,248,372 Method and apparatus for activating one or more remote features