Nokia patents granted on 21 July 2009

16 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D596,623 Input device
2 7,565,605 Reorganizing content of an electronic document
3 7,565,604 Method and a system for displaying information, and a device
4 7,565,469 Multimedia card interface method, computer program product and apparatus
5 7,565,410 Distributed network
6 7,565,176 Data transfer rate display selection
7 7,565,158 Push page user interface in a short range radio enabled mobile terminal
8 7,565,146 Intercepting a call connection to a mobile subscriber roaming in a visited PLMN (VPLMN)
9 7,565,144 Method, system and mobile station for handing off communications from a cellular radio access network to an unlicensed mobile access network
10 7,565,134 Charging efficiency
11 7,565,108 Radio frequency identification (RF-ID) based discovery for short range radio communication with reader device having transponder functionality
12 7,565,075 System and method for exhibiting image focus information on a viewfinder
13 7,564,906 OFDM transceiver structure with time-domain scrambling
14 7,564,848 Method for the establishing of connections in a communication system
15 7,564,807 Method for controlling recorded announcement and interactive voice responses in packet networks
16 7,564,126 Integrated circuit package