Nokia patents granted on 21 October 2008

18 US patents granted on 21 October 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 7,441,222 Differential pair connection arrangement, and method and computer program product for making same
2 7,441,144 Computer cluster, computer unit and method to control storage access between computer units
3 7,441,053 Support of an interaction between a host device and a peripheral device
4 7,441,035 Reliable server pool
5 7,441,032 System and methods for using an application layer control protocol transporting spatial location information pertaining to devices connected to wired and wireless internet protocol networks
6 7,440,983 Velocity adjustment in learning cell identity
7 7,440,751 System and method for controlling energy usage in mobile applications
8 7,440,740 Method of transmitting data where in a first mode, the power level is not indicated in a message and an NPSK modulation scheme is used, and in a second mode, the power level is indicated in a message in an NQAM modulation scheme is used
9 7,440,575 Equalization of the output in a stereo widening network
10 7,440,559 System and associated terminal, method and computer program product for controlling the flow of content
11 7,440,493 Multi-path detection method for CDMA receivers
12 7,440,464 Server control plane connections recovery in a server-gateway architecture based telecommunication network
13 7,440,422 Method for data transmission in a cellular telecommunication system
14 7,440,394 Method and system for redundant IP forwarding in a telecommunications network
15 7,439,922 Antenna for a portable device
16 7,439,919 Multilayer PCB antenna
17 7,439,916 Antenna for mobile communication terminals
18 7,439,872 Method and mobile device for non-visually signaling the state of a mobile device