Nokia patents granted on 22 June 2010

17 US patents granted on 22 June 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 D618,252 Media device
2 D618,228 Handset front cover
3 D618,220 Clip for a headset
4 D618,208 Headset
5 D618,203 Media device
6 D618,199 Handset
7 7,743,141 Refined quality feedback in streaming services
8 7,742,779 Method for synchronizing a radio communication system that is divided up into radio cells
9 7,742,767 Radio communication using OFDMA and IFDMA
10 7,742,748 Signal predistortion in radio transmitter
11 7,742,699 Method and arrangement for the optical transmission of data signals via differential phase modulation in a polarization multiplex method
12 7,742,605 Method and system for authentification of a mobile user via a gateway
13 7,742,470 Network resource reallocation
14 7,742,465 Method and device for tapping the payload data of multimedia connections in a packet network
15 7,742,451 Method and apparatus for the transmission of packets of data
16 7,742,309 Electronic device and method of assembling an electronic device
17 7,742,267 Circuit arrangement and method for detecting the state of a circuit protection element