Nokia patents granted on 22 March 2016

20 US patents granted on 22 March 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,295,084 Method and apparatus for performing contention based random access
2 9,295,040 Packet scheduling in communications
3 9,294,995 Activate ES cell for particular UE(s)
4 9,294,966 Method, apparatus and computer program product for priority based cell reselection in a multi-RAT environment
5 9,294,962 Apparatus and method to allocate communication resources in a communication system
6 9,294,939 Method and apparatus for reducing interference
7 9,294,931 Co-primaryspectrum sharing for 4G/5G small cell base stations with long term fairness criteria
8 9,294,924 Monitoring suspicious events in a cellular network
9 9,294,917 Method, device, and system for network-based remote control over contactless secure storages
10 9,294,903 Method and apparatus for facilitating handover utilizing a predefined attribute protocol
11 9,294,883 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for probe request and response exchange
12 9,294,878 Method and apparatus for providing hub-based indexing and services
13 9,294,832 Apparatus
14 9,294,600 Mounting components in electronic devices
15 9,294,364 Method and apparatus for transforming application access and data storage details to privacy policies
16 9,294,180 Pilot design for long term evolution uplink multi-input multi-output antenna system
17 9,294,060 Bandwidth extender
18 9,294,038 Power amplifier transistor characteristic stabilization during bias switching
19 9,292,115 Apparatus and method for detecting user input
20 9,290,389 Graphene composite and a method of manufacturing a graphene composite