Nokia patents granted on 22 September 2015

22 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,144,098 Real-time gaming and other applications support for D2D communications
2 9,144,067 Flexible extension of an information block
3 9,144,031 Maximum transmission power in white spaces
4 9,143,989 Single radio voice call continuity for emergency callback or click-to-dial sessions
5 9,143,966 Remote access to a wireless device
6 9,143,963 Correlating radio link failure and minimization of drive test reports
7 9,143,947 Geographical determination of coverage in communications systems
8 9,143,919 IPv6 anycast-based load balancing and redirection functionality for PMIPv6
9 9,143,912 Method and apparatus for sharing a communication among wireless devices
10 9,143,897 Method and apparatus for providing an application engine based on real-time commute activity
11 9,143,875 Determination of ambient sound processed audio information
12 9,143,818 Remote access to shared media
13 9,143,545 Device classification for media delivery
14 9,143,389 Methods, appratuses, and computer program products for determining a network interface to access a network resource
15 9,143,380 System and method for third party specified generation of web server content
16 9,143,289 Multiple uplink control channel transmission with reduced cubic metric
17 9,142,188 Methods and apparatus for reducing flickering and motion blur in a display device
18 9,141,618 Method and apparatus for processing metadata in one or more media streams
19 9,141,277 Responding to a dynamic input
20 9,141,240 Capacitive touch sensor
21 9,140,828 Apparatus and associated methods related to detection of electromagnetic signalling
22 9,140,737 Capacitive touch sensor