Nokia patents granted on 23 August 2016

18 US patents granted on 23 August 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,426,841 Communication device session support between multiple access systems
2 9,426,785 Contiguous intra-band carrier aggregation (CA), PUCCH, and quasi-contiguous uplink resource allocation
3 9,426,708 Enhanced mobility for devices using moving relay
4 9,426,701 Configuration of handovers in communication systems
5 9,426,696 Methods, apparatuses, system, related computer program product for handover procedures
6 9,426,619 Handling complex signal parameters by a positioning device, and apparatus
7 9,426,408 Method and apparatus for recording video sequences
8 9,426,358 Display of video information
9 9,426,356 Method, apparatus and computer program for selecting images
10 9,426,250 Method, system and terminal for multimedia session establishment
11 9,426,229 Apparatus and method for selection of a device for content sharing operations
12 9,426,228 Cross layer service discovery for wireless networks
13 9,426,073 Data transmission mechanism with improved robustness using multiflow connection
14 9,425,931 PUCCH resource management mechanism for coordinated multi-point operation
15 9,425,923 Method, apparatus, computer program product, computer readable medium and system for fast feedback and response handling in wireless networks
16 9,424,556 Method and apparatus for linking multiple contact identifiers of an individual
17 9,423,909 Method, apparatus and computer program product for user input interpretation and input error mitigation
18 9,423,265 Displaying a map having a close known location