Nokia patents granted on 23 December 2014

18 US patents granted on 23 December 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE45,301 Location management in a mobile telecommunication system
2 D719,944 Handset
3 D719,943 Handset
4 D719,942 Handset
5 8,918,787 Executing processes using a profile
6 8,918,741 Unlocking a touch screen device
7 8,918,491 Use of an identification information in a network management
8 8,918,320 Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for joint use of speech and text-based features for sentiment detection
9 8,918,096 Method and apparatus providing multi-level proximity indication and small cell discovery
10 8,917,944 Methods, devices and computer program products for capture and display of visually encoded data and an image
11 8,917,911 Method and apparatus for local binary pattern based facial feature localization
12 8,917,863 Method and device for data processing in a digital subscriber line environment
13 8,917,711 Method for fast transmission type selection in WCDMA UMTS
14 8,917,702 Method and device for data processing in a wireless network
15 8,917,679 Method for signaling the overlap of downlink control and data channels
16 8,917,653 Apparatus and an associated method for facilitating communications in a radio communication system that provides for data communications at multiple data rates
17 8,917,647 Apparatus and method to allocate communication resources in a communication system
18 8,917,615 Method, apparatus and system for detecting service data of a packet data connection