Nokia patents granted on 23 June 2009

27 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE40,777 Air interface for telecommunications systems with cordless telecommunications between mobile and/or stationary transmitting receiving devices
2 D594,859 Portion of a handset
3 D594,858 Set of buttons for a handset
4 D594,843 Handset
5 D594,836 Handset
6 D594,834 Handset
7 D594,743 Box
8 7,552,227 Stream switching based on gradual decoder refresh
9 7,552,169 Messaging
10 7,552,161 Multi-stream FFT for MIMO-OFDM systems
11 7,552,045 Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing flexible text based language identification
12 7,551,941 Method for selecting a bearer service for a service in a mobile telecommunications system
13 7,551,934 Cell selection in a communications system
14 7,551,930 Location-based services for mobile stations using short range wireless technology
15 7,551,928 Location dependent control of a mobile cellular telephone
16 7,551,916 Method and device for automatically changing a digital content on a mobile device according to sensor data
17 7,551,902 Method and apparatus to increase the diversity order for a multi-carrier FDM system
18 7,551,889 Method and apparatus for transmission and receipt of digital data in an analog signal
19 7,551,888 Method and system of displaying content associated with broadcast program
20 7,551,734 Method and system for modifying a connection parameter
21 7,551,688 Waveforms for envelope tracking transmitter
22 7,551,683 Adjusting data burst transmission rates
23 7,551,664 Iterative and turbo-based method and apparatus for equalization of spread-spectrum downlink channels
24 7,551,576 Access system for an access network
25 7,551,570 System and method for data handling a network environment
26 7,551,188 Scrolling items on a list
27 7,551,148 Extended display device