Nokia patents granted on 23 March 2010

26 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 D612,359 Handset
2 D612,354 Handset
3 7,685,444 Power saving in circuit functions through multiple power buses
4 7,685,315 System and method for conveying terminal capability and user preferences-dependent content characteristics for content adaptation
5 7,685,297 Resource control
6 7,685,238 Privacy protection on application sharing and data projector connectivity
7 7,685,134 Media file sharing, correlation of metadata related to shared media files and assembling shared media file collections
8 7,684,834 Method of monitoring battery characteristics and radio terminal equipment
9 7,684,827 Method for enabling a communication via a mobile phone and mobile phone enabling a communication
10 7,684,798 Method of pre-authorizing handovers among access routers in communication networks
11 7,684,795 Processing subscriber data regarding services available to a subscriber in a visited area
12 7,684,786 Method and system for establishing a connection between network elements
13 7,684,775 Method and apparatus for compensating DC level in an adaptive radio receiver
14 7,684,761 Closed-loop signalling method for controlling multiple transmit beams and correspondingly adapted transceiver devices
15 7,684,753 Method and device for transmission parameter selection in mobile communications
16 7,684,688 Adjustable depth of field
17 7,684,553 Method for transmitting data in a communication network
18 7,684,525 Method and receiver for reception of a composite signal
19 7,684,497 Method and apparatus for generating M-ary CPM waveforms from a superposition of PAM waveforms
20 7,684,366 Apparatus, and associated method, for selecting quality of service-related information in a radio communication system
21 7,684,357 Enhanced pre-notification procedure for GERAN MBMS
22 7,684,346 Communications control for extending the period over which a terminal is able to have an open connection with a host accessible via a packet data network
23 7,684,323 Service error handling in a communications network
24 7,683,839 Multiband antenna arrangement
25 7,683,737 Broadband phase shifter
26 7,682,092 Camera shutter assembly having casing walls for guiding a shutter and method for producing same