Nokia patents granted on 24 April 2012

12 US patents granted on 24 April 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,166,529 Method and device for authenticating a user in a variety of contexts
2 8,166,372 Blind estimation of control channel
3 8,166,156 Failure differentiation and recovery in distributed systems
4 8,166,063 Query routing in distributed database system
5 8,165,850 Determining the direction of a signal source
6 8,165,523 Method for initiating a wireless transfer of data between at least two electronic devices, electronic device and software program therefor
7 8,165,239 Method for coding data symbols
8 8,165,235 Interfering stream identification in wireless communication systems
9 8,165,216 System and method for implementing efficient decoded buffer management in multi-view video coding
10 8,165,073 Relay-station assignment/re-assignment and frequency re-use
11 8,165,035 ACK/NACK DTX detection
12 8,164,640 Camera control means to allow operating of a destined location of the information surface of a presentation and information system