Nokia patents granted on 24 March 2015

28 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 D724,942 Packaging
2 D724,941 Packaging
3 8,990,925 Security for a non-3GPP access to an evolved packet system
4 8,990,897 Generic key-decision mechanism for GAA
5 8,990,822 Data processing arrangement
6 8,990,421 Method and device for processing data in a network component
7 8,990,370 Method and apparatus for providing information collection using template-based user tasks
8 8,990,334 Rule-based caching for packet-based data transfer
9 8,990,255 Time bar navigation in a media diary application
10 8,989,787 Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications
11 8,989,737 System and method for establishing a session initiation protocol communication session with a mobile terminal
12 8,989,677 Apparatus and method for switching from reception to transmission
13 8,989,552 Multi device audio capture
14 8,989,401 Audio zooming process within an audio scene
15 8,989,389 Method and apparatus for device-to-device key management
16 8,989,308 Apparatus and method for single user multiple input multiple output communication employing cyclic shifts
17 8,989,295 Multi-layer beamforming with partial channel state information
18 8,989,291 Spatial pre-coding for transmitting data within a mobile telecommunication network
19 8,989,260 Using scalable codecs for providing channel zapping information to broadcast receivers
20 8,989,135 Spectral arrangement for radio resources
21 8,989,112 eICIC carrier aggregation using extension carriers
22 8,989,082 Apparatus, methods, computer program products and systems providing RACH parameters in a broadcast channel for a random access procedure
23 8,989,065 Relaying data in a communication system
24 8,989,007 Load balancing in relay-enhanced access networks
25 8,988,992 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for contention access in wireless communication
26 8,988,359 Moving buttons
27 8,988,290 Apparatus and method of providing an apparatus
28 8,988,198 Method and apparatus for sensory tags providing sound, smell and haptic feedback