Nokia patents granted on 24 May 2016

15 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,351,340 Apparatus and method for mode selection for device-to-device communications
2 9,351,322 Wireless communication link establishment
3 9,351,261 Intelligent radio frequency power control
4 9,351,246 Method and apparatus for distributing sensor data
5 9,351,230 Device access
6 9,351,120 Creating a database entry
7 9,351,070 Positional disambiguation in spatial audio
8 9,350,809 Method and apparatus for automatically determining communities of interest, for use over an ad-hoc mesh network, based on context information
9 9,350,573 Apparatus and method for reducing discontinuities between waveforms in a communication system
10 9,350,566 Handling traffic flows in a mobile communications network
11 9,350,533 Method and apparatus for delivering encrypted content to web browsers based on entropy of the content
12 9,350,509 Scheduling request enhancements
13 9,349,166 Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating images of scenes having high dynamic range
14 9,348,506 Method and apparatus for adapting a content package comprising a first content segment from a first content source to display a second content segment from a second content source
15 9,348,453 Touch sensing arrangement with first and second shield electrodes