Nokia patents granted on 25 March 2014

19 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,683,604 System for protecting personal data
2 8,683,375 Method and apparatus for a tabbed messaging interface
3 8,683,055 Network setup via short-range communication
4 8,682,960 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for providing filtered services and content based on user context
5 8,682,849 System and method for implementing personalization and mapping in a network-based address book
6 8,682,662 Method and apparatus for voice activity determination
7 8,682,328 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for facilitating handover to closed subscriber group cells
8 8,681,753 Method, system and arrangements for setting up and maintaining a WLAN connection within predictably moving vehicles
9 8,681,751 Method and apparatus for providing presence information in support of wireless communication services
10 8,681,750 Apparatus, methods, and computer program products providing limited use of Zadoff-Chu sequences in pilot or preamble signals
11 8,681,738 Handoff preparation method in radio communication system
12 8,681,727 Flexible radio channel sounding
13 8,681,724 Discontinuous reception in carrier aggregation wireless communication systems
14 8,681,696 Coordinating operation in infrastructure and ad-hoc modes for wireless networks
15 8,681,464 Voltage suppressor component
16 8,681,181 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for compression of visual space for facilitating the display of content
17 8,681,131 Method and apparatus for an electronic device assembly
18 8,680,963 Method of providing a radio service at a remote terminal
19 8,680,809 Battery charger