Nokia patents granted on 25 November 2014

27 US patents granted on 25 November 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 D718,234 Wireless charger
2 8,898,793 Method and apparatus for adjusting context-based factors for selecting a security policy
3 8,898,567 Method and apparatus for generating a virtual interactive workspace
4 8,898,500 Method and apparatus for performing energy management via a sub-system
5 8,898,363 Multiple connections to a single serial interface
6 8,898,128 Content storing device query
7 8,897,823 Apparatuses and methods for providing enhanced contact list information for mobile stations including mobile telephones
8 8,897,816 Method and apparatus for locating information from surroundings
9 8,897,798 Methods and apparatus for radio resource allocation
10 8,897,790 Method and apparatus for handover procedure in communication network with relay extension
11 8,897,788 Techniques to provide measurement pilot transmission information in wireless networks
12 8,897,715 Cognitive radio
13 8,897,696 Method and apparatus of using a relay station to assist processing of requests from user ends
14 8,897,453 Methods and apparatus for synchronization of data frames
15 8,897,380 Coping with distortion caused by wideband noise
16 8,897,317 Distributed capacity based channel assignment for communcation systems
17 8,897,312 Radio system co-existence improvement by data throttling
18 8,897,276 Collision detection for random access procedure
19 8,897,275 Precoding in telecommunication network
20 8,897,262 Relaying in a communication system
21 8,897,254 Apparatus, method and computer program product for selecting beam group and subset of beams in communication system
22 8,897,249 Deployment of LTE UL system for arbitrary system bandwidths via PUCCH configuration
23 8,897,243 Method for scheduling user equipment in a radio communications system and apparatus thereof
24 8,896,529 Apparatus, methods, and computer program products providing context-dependent gesture recognition
25 8,896,489 Antenna
26 8,895,864 Deformable apparatus and method
27 8,893,565 Apparatus for sensing