Nokia patents granted on 25 October 2011

17 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,046,824 Generic key-decision mechanism for GAA
2 8,046,671 Method and apparatus for adapting data to a transport unit of a predefined size prior to transmission
3 8,046,476 Access right control using access control alerts
4 8,046,442 Method, a device for configuring at least one firewall and a system comprising such device
5 8,046,429 Service mobility for composed components
6 8,046,349 Method, a system, a device, and a computer program product for providing information regarding the validity of a character string as a document identifier
7 8,046,184 Calibration method and calibration manager
8 8,045,955 Implicit emergency registration set
9 8,045,927 Signal detection in multicarrier communication system
10 8,045,926 Multi-transceiver architecture for advanced Tx antenna monitoring and calibration in MIMO and smart antenna communication systems
11 8,045,628 Digital video broadcast service discovery
12 8,045,542 Traffic generation during inactive user plane
13 8,045,540 Handling of identities in a trust domain of an IP network
14 8,045,530 Method and apparatus for authentication in a wireless telecommunications system
15 8,045,047 Method and apparatus for digital image processing of an image having different scaling rates
16 8,044,738 Oscillator apparatus
17 8,043,115 Apparatus and methods