Nokia patents granted on 26 August 2014

31 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,819,702 File delivery session handling
2 8,819,596 Gesture control system
3 8,819,433 Message storage and retrieval
4 8,819,345 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for inter-core communication in multi-core processors
5 8,819,296 Apparatus, a method and a computer program
6 8,819,215 System, methods, apparatuses and computer program products for providing step-ahead computing
7 8,819,204 Method and device for operating a group service in a communications network
8 8,819,199 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing a smooth transition between peer-to-peer node types
9 8,818,992 Method, system, and apparatus for arranging content search results
10 8,818,861 Finding mobile station for device-to-device communication
11 8,818,456 Time sharing subscriber identity modules
12 8,818,448 Method, apparatus and computer program product for enabling user control of a fallback capability for circuit switched domain support
13 8,818,400 Upload and download of position reference data
14 8,818,381 Operation in case of radio link failure
15 8,818,369 Method for a secure detach procedure in a radio telecommunications network
16 8,818,321 Method and system for providing reply-controlled discontinuous reception
17 8,818,276 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for controlling network access to guest apparatus based on presence of hosting apparatus
18 8,818,025 Method and apparatus for recognizing objects in media content
19 8,818,024 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for object tracking
20 8,817,992 Multichannel audio coder and decoder
21 8,817,803 Method and hierarchical radio network operations system for controlling a mobile communications network
22 8,817,772 Function mode routing
23 8,817,744 Methods and apparatus for reliable inter radio access network handover
24 8,817,718 Randomization of block spread signals
25 8,817,689 Method of transmitting data in a radio network, radio network and receiving station
26 8,817,685 Energy-efficient underlay device-to-multidevice communications with interference suppression
27 8,817,637 Apparatus, and associated method, for requesting data retransmission in a packet radio communication system
28 8,817,626 Interoperability of digital broadcasting and cellular communication systems
29 8,817,476 Apparatus, add-on module, and a system comprising a host apparatus and an add-on module
30 8,816,908 Optimal storage scheme for access point coverage data
31 8,816,460 Image sensor