Nokia patents granted on 26 February 2008

23 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 7,337,384 Error detection scheme with partial checksum coverage
2 7,336,980 Outer decorative cover for attachment to a wireless communication device including a printed circuit board and an associated light source mounted in an interior of the wireless device
3 7,336,956 Method and system for dynamic channel assignment
4 7,336,937 Compensation of a DC offset in a receiver
5 7,336,928 System and method for generating a list of devices in physical proximity of a terminal
6 7,336,925 Graphical indication of a proximately located device
7 7,336,837 Method and system for coding/decoding of a video bit stream for fine granularity scalability
8 7,336,778 Call handling logic
9 7,336,773 Method and system for multi-mode communication with sender authentication
10 7,336,730 IQ-imbalance
11 7,336,727 Generalized m-rank beamformers for MIMO systems using successive quantization
12 7,336,698 Interference cancellation in receiver of radio system
13 7,336,696 Acquisition of a code modulated signal
14 7,336,661 Transmitting packet data
15 7,336,646 System and method for synchronizing a transport stream in a single frequency network
16 7,336,632 Apparatus, and associated method, for selecting quality of service-related information in a radio communication system
17 7,336,629 Power control method and device
18 7,336,616 Configuring a data transmission interface in a communication network
19 7,336,263 Method and apparatus for integrating a wide keyboard in a small device
20 7,336,142 High frequency component
21 7,335,006 In-mould labelling
22 D562,815 Front cover of a handset
23 D562,790 Handset