Nokia patents granted on 26 January 2010

18 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 D608,767 Wireless receiver
2 D608,766 Headset
3 D608,758 Handset
4 D608,628 Cable holder
5 7,653,914 Handling different service versions in a server
6 7,653,858 Low complexity decoding schemes for single-parity-check (SPC) based concatenated codes
7 7,653,857 Power control of packet data transmission in cellular network
8 7,653,734 Method for implementing a multimedia messaging service, a multimedia messaging system, a server of a multimedia messaging system and a multimedia terminal
9 7,653,397 Managing unscheduled wireless communication in a multiradio device
10 7,653,366 Hybrid switched mode/linear power amplifier power supply for use in polar transmitter
11 7,653,365 Method for controlling signal power in transmitter of radio system by weighting, and transmitter therefor
12 7,653,168 Digital clock dividing circuit
13 7,653,160 Method of estimating noise and interference covariance matrix, receiver, and radio system
14 7,653,140 Radio access scheme in CDMA-based communication system
15 7,653,079 Signal message compression
16 7,653,030 Generation broadband wireless internet, and associated method, therefor
17 7,652,980 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing synchronization
18 7,652,788 Apparatus, method, mobile station and computer program product for noise estimation, modeling and filtering of a digital image