Nokia patents granted on 26 July 2011

10 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to Nokia

1 D642,168 Handset
2 D642,164 Holder for a headset
3 7,987,288 Method and arrangement for routing data packets in a packet-switching data network
4 7,986,980 Multiradio power management
5 7,986,971 Network and method for sharing radio access nodes between core networks
6 7,986,918 Method for reducing the effect of interferences in a receiver and an electronic device
7 7,986,782 Method and system for managing rights in digital information over a network
8 7,986,725 Spread spectrum transmission systems
9 7,986,687 Multicast data transfer
10 7,986,422 Messaging service system and method to be performed in such a system