Nokia patents granted on 26 October 2010

18 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 7,823,048 Buffering of data from a data stream having error correction elements
2 7,822,838 System, method, and network elements for providing a service in a communication network
3 7,822,659 Content charging
4 7,822,547 Apparatus and method for enhancing the utilization of distance measuring devices
5 7,822,497 Electronic device having music database and method of forming music database
6 7,822,446 Portable electronic device with compliant sliding hinge
7 7,822,423 Provision of location information
8 7,822,035 Use of communication service identifiers
9 7,822,023 Routing data packets through a wireless network
10 7,822,013 System and method to redirect calls in a telecommunications network
11 7,822,001 Addressing and routing in wireless mesh networks
12 7,821,997 Computer implemented method, system, and intergrated circuitry for determining a characteristic of a received signal to have fallen beneth a threshold
13 7,821,980 Variable rate soft information forwarding
14 7,821,978 Initiation of packet-based services in a public mobile communication system
15 7,821,928 Method for multiplexing different bit rate sources
16 7,821,875 Daylight saving time support for mobile devices
17 7,821,548 Temporal image buffer for image processor using compressed raw image
18 7,821,399 RFID optimized capability negotiations