Nokia patents granted on 27 December 2011

13 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,087,069 Method, apparatus and computer program product providing bootstrapping mechanism selection in generic bootstrapping architecture (GBA)
2 8,086,971 Apparatus, methods and computer program products providing finger-based and hand-based gesture commands for portable electronic device applications
3 8,086,885 Runtime control of system performance
4 8,086,291 Cover to a portable electronic apparatus composed of leather and/or textile
5 8,086,247 Secure user plane location session initiation improvement
6 8,086,185 Qualify method for shielding of transceiver RF block
7 8,086,057 Dynamic quantizer structures for efficient compression
8 8,085,890 Apparatus and method for base band filtering
9 8,085,863 Radio receiver or transmitter and method for reducing an IQ gain imbalance
10 8,085,096 Apparatus and method for improved amplifier shunt-peak loading
11 8,084,336 Oscillator apparatus
12 8,083,586 System and method for providing interoperability of independently-operable electronic games
13 8,082,631 Folding mechanism for compact device