Nokia patents granted on 28 April 2009

29 US patents granted on 28 April 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D591,281 Front cover of a handset
2 D591,280 Rear cover for a handset
3 D591,279 Handset front panel
4 D591,278 Set of key buttons for a handset
5 D591,277 Combination handsfree device for a handset and charger
6 D591,273 Front cover for a headset
7 D591,256 Handset
8 D591,253 Handset
9 D591,251 Handset
10 D591,233 Charging device
11 7,526,790 Virtual audio arena effect for live TV presentations: system, methods and program products
12 7,526,762 Network with mobile terminals as browsers having wireless access to the internet and method for using same
13 7,526,708 Adaptive retransmission for frequency spreading
14 7,526,642 Controlling delivery of certificates in a mobile communication system
15 7,526,563 Interworking gateway and method
16 7,526,547 Intelligent network charging edge
17 7,526,307 Stochastic transmission power level adjustment in a random access channel in a radio communications system and method
18 7,526,289 Radio resource control method in mobile communication system, mobile communication system and network element
19 7,526,281 Method and device for establishing a conference call between a plurality of user terminals of a communication network
20 7,526,273 Method and apparatus to counter the rogue shell threat by means of local key derivation
21 7,525,948 Method and apparatus for utilizing synchronization information
22 7,525,946 System and method for decoding signalling messages on FLO HR channels
23 7,525,940 Relocation of content sources during IP-level handoffs
24 7,525,597 Digital camera module for mobile communication device
25 7,525,502 Isolation between antennas using floating parasitic elements
26 7,525,481 Performance of a receiver in interfering conditions
27 7,525,377 Method for controlling a linear power amplifier
28 7,523,869 Portable electronic device memory availability
29 7,523,546 Method for manufacturing a composite layer for an electronic device