Nokia patents granted on 28 August 2012

10 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,255,908 Managing tasks in a distributed system
2 8,255,808 Controlling data transfer between devices
3 8,255,540 IP routing optimization in an access network
4 8,255,531 Method and apparatus for providing mobile device interoperability
5 8,255,469 Method and apparatus for locating communities over an ad-hoc mesh network
6 8,254,872 Simplified method for IMS registration in the event of emergency calls
7 8,254,450 System and method for providing improved intra-prediction in video coding
8 8,254,294 System and method for providing local IP breakout services employing access point names
9 8,254,253 Conditional utilization of private short-range wireless networks for service provision and mobility
10 8,254,031 Color distribution in exit pupil expanders