Nokia patents granted on 28 October 2008

16 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 7,444,640 Controlling processing networks
2 7,444,635 Multi-task system for controlling execution of application sessions and reservation of resources
3 7,444,624 Method for the secure interpretation of programs in electronic devices
4 7,444,513 Authentication in data communication
5 7,444,508 Method of implementing secure access
6 7,444,441 Device including means for transferring information indicating whether or not the device supports DMA
7 7,444,416 System using time or location with environment conditions of sender and addressee for controlling access to an electronic message
8 7,444,152 Signaling and routing protocols for an integrated cellular and relaying system
9 7,444,147 Telecommunications system
10 7,444,132 Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating dynamic filtering of a receive signal
11 7,443,928 Signal detection using sphere decoding technique
12 7,443,909 Weighted autocorrelation method for downlink CDMA LMMSE equalizers
13 7,443,859 Method and apparatus for address allocation in GPRS networks that facilitates end-to-end security
14 7,443,839 User identification module for access to multiple communication networks
15 7,443,835 Policy based mechanisms for selecting access routers and mobile context
16 7,443,386 Mobile phone and method