Nokia patents granted on 28 October 2014

17 US patents granted on 28 October 2014 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,875,236 Security in communication networks
2 8,874,747 Method and apparatus for load balancing in multi-level distributed computations
3 8,874,710 Access network discovery
4 8,874,585 Method and apparatus for user based search in distributed information space
5 8,874,538 Method and apparatus for video synthesis
6 8,874,491 Task history user interface using a clustering algorithm
7 8,873,841 Methods and apparatuses for facilitating gesture recognition
8 8,873,811 Method and apparatus for face tracking utilizing integral gradient projections
9 8,873,741 Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for providing active echo-cancellation for systems combining voice communication and synchronous audio content
10 8,873,638 Method and apparatus for providing multi-threaded video decoding
11 8,873,539 Multimedia call control mechanism and communication equipment using the same
12 8,873,492 Method for selecting an A-interface resource in a mobile communication system
13 8,873,490 Uplink control channel resource allocation for semi-persistent scheduling of user equipment
14 8,873,462 Reduced complexity receiver for UL CoMP
15 8,873,399 Gateway network element, a method, and a group of load balanced access points configured for load balancing in a communications network
16 8,872,729 Multi-segment wearable accessory
17 8,872,448 Apparatus and method for reorientation during sensed drop