Nokia patents granted on 29 April 2008

21 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Nokia

1 D567,809 Set of key buttons for a handset
2 D567,793 Handset
3 D567,779 Handset
4 7,367,059 Secure content activation during manufacture of mobile communication devices
5 7,366,905 Method and system for user generated keys and certificates
6 7,366,840 Method for processing data, a data processing system and a portable terminal with data processing capability
7 7,366,672 Method and device for recovering interrupted voice input
8 7,366,555 Mobile station enclosure
9 7,366,535 Push-to-talk mobile communication terminals
10 7,366,529 Communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications
11 7,366,523 Method and system for providing location-based services
12 7,366,511 Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating network scanning by a WLAN terminal operable in a multiple-network WLAN system
13 7,366,496 Method of checking amount of transmitted data
14 7,366,477 Redundancy version implementation for an uplink enhanced dedicated channel
15 7,366,303 Integrity protection during initial registration of a subscriber in a telecommunications network
16 7,366,264 Method and system for reducing noise in a multi-carrier signal
17 7,366,155 Allocation of radio resources from a network in a packet switched data transmission system
18 7,366,145 Fast recovery from unusable home server
19 7,366,127 Monitoring connection to user terminal in telecommunications system
20 7,366,096 System and method for movement detection and congestion response for transport layer protocol
21 7,366,091 Method and apparatus for changing parallel clock signals in a digital data transmission