Nokia patents granted on 29 November 2016

20 US patents granted on 29 November 2016 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,510,387 Recovering connection in LTE local area network for EPS and local services
2 9,510,369 Sensing and/or transmission coverage adaptation using interference information
3 9,510,322 D2D communication procedures: beaconing; broadcast; conflict resolution
4 9,510,199 Soft activation of cellular modems in tablets
5 9,509,835 Method and apparatus of secure recognization for pervasive face-to-face social communications
6 9,509,792 Method and apparatus for context-based grouping
7 9,509,756 Content storing device query
8 9,509,727 Session parameters in the periodic assistance data delivery
9 9,509,725 Method and apparatus for indicating a type of a network interface
10 9,509,470 Cyclic channel state information reference signal configuration for new carrier type with backward compatible segment
11 9,509,426 Interference estimation resource definition and usage for enhanced receivers
12 9,509,267 Method and an apparatus for automatic volume leveling of audio signals
13 9,509,171 Method and apparatus for optimizing standby power consumption and providing user indications in WPC based wireless charging system
14 9,509,103 Electrostatic discharge protection
15 9,508,386 Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video signals
16 9,508,155 Method and apparatus for feature computation and object detection utilizing temporal redundancy between video frames
17 9,507,498 Method and apparatus for discovering similar content or search results
18 9,507,481 Method and apparatus for determining an invocation input based on cognitive load
19 9,507,376 Overlapping displays
20 9,506,279 Apparatus and method of providing an apparatus comprising a bendable portion