Nokia patents granted on 30 June 2009

23 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to Nokia

1 D595,286 Handset front cover
2 D595,285 Camera for a handset
3 D595,284 Camera for a handset
4 D595,283 Back cover for a handset
5 D595,269 Front cover for a headset
6 D595,262 Headset control unit
7 D595,259 Handset
8 D595,258 Handset
9 D595,257 Handset
10 D595,256 Handset
11 7,555,537 Downloadable multimedia content and method for accounting
12 7,555,313 Method for providing connections on a portable device, a portable device
13 7,555,311 Mobile communication terminal and method
14 7,555,303 Synchronization of database data
15 7,555,287 Customized messaging between wireless access point and services
16 7,555,284 Method and a device for providing digital tickets in a mobile communications environment
17 7,555,266 Method and communication system for estimating an error covariance matrix for the downlink in cellular mobile radio telephone networks with adaptive antennas
18 7,555,014 Method for contention free traffic detection
19 7,554,991 Method, system and network element for data transmission using a transition mechanism
20 7,554,962 Method, mobile station, and software product for access point selection
21 7,554,906 Method for managing connection resources
22 7,554,530 Touch screen user interface featuring stroke-based object selection and functional object activation
23 7,554,243 Class DE driving amplifier for piezoelectric actuators