Nokia patents granted on 30 March 2010

27 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to Nokia

1 RE41,178 Radio system and methods for duplex operation
2 D612,859 Memory card reader
3 D612,842 Rear panel for a handset
4 D612,829 Handset
5 D612,828 Handset
6 7,690,042 Method and device for sharing of content protected by digital rights management
7 7,690,007 Mapping of dynamic link libraries in a computing device
8 7,689,932 Maintenance of shortcut keys in a mobile device
9 7,689,892 System and method for adaptive low-density parity-check (LDPC) coding
10 7,689,670 Method and arrangement for providing customized audio characteristics to cellular terminals
11 7,689,638 Method and device for determining and outputting the similarity between two data strings
12 7,689,448 System and methods for scheduling and tracking events across multiple time zones
13 7,689,427 Methods and apparatus for implementing embedded scalable encoding and decoding of companded and vector quantized audio data
14 7,689,257 Support structure for portable electronic device
15 7,689,248 Listening assistance function in phone terminals
16 7,689,236 Media device and method of enhancing use of media device
17 7,689,218 Method, apparatus and computer program providing network-associated system priority list for multimode system selection
18 7,689,194 Balanced circuit arrangement and method for linearizing such an arrangement
19 7,689,172 Reducing interference between device components
20 7,688,854 Generalized spare extension field usage in frame protocol data frame
21 7,688,798 Data transmission method
22 7,688,774 Interference cancellation in radio system receiver
23 7,688,772 Control of a short-range wireless terminal
24 7,688,745 Communication system and method providing a mode selection procedure
25 7,688,731 Traffic congestion
26 7,688,709 Scheduling method, radio system, base station, and scheduling module
27 7,687,768 Mechanical joint having optical interconnection