Nokia patents granted on 31 January 2012

19 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to Nokia

1 D653,246 Handset front cover
2 8,108,832 Multiple device notification synchronization
3 8,108,788 Method and an arrangement for scrollable cross point navigation in a user interface
4 8,108,747 Data repair
5 8,108,520 Apparatus and method for providing quality of service for a network data connection
6 8,107,968 Radio transmission scheduling according to multiradio control in a radio modem
7 8,107,937 System and method for automatic provisioning detection and notification
8 8,107,883 Apparatus and method for interference avoidance in mixed device-to-device and cellular environment
9 8,107,880 Multiradio management through shared time allocation
10 8,107,744 Picture buffering for prediction references and display
11 8,107,623 Method for verifying a first identity and a second identity of an entity
12 8,107,615 Method and device for checking the function for inverting the polarity on a subscriber line comprising a plurality of wires
13 8,107,539 Method for error concealment in video sequences
14 8,107,433 Changing LTE specific anchor with simple tunnel switching
15 8,107,424 Method for an random accesses in a local network
16 8,107,408 Route maintenance and update based on connection identifier in multi-hop relay systems
17 8,106,956 Digital camera devices and methods for implementing digital zoom in digital camera devices and corresponding program products
18 8,106,787 Warning system indicating excessive force on a touch screen or display
19 8,106,761 Apparatus, method and computer program product for providing a perceivable physical indication of service availability