Nokia patents granted on 31 January 2017

18 US patents granted on 31 January 2017 and assigned to Nokia

1 9,560,652 Providing a radio bearer on a plurality of component carriers
2 9,560,648 Methods and apparatus for providing a communication scheme with reduced feed-back delay
3 9,560,635 Apparatus and method to reduce interference between frequency-division duplex and time-division duplex signals in a communication system
4 9,560,585 Method and apparatus for access network selection
5 9,560,534 Processing objects of a radiomap database
6 9,560,532 Signal strength profiling
7 9,560,528 Assigning frequency bands from a group of frequency bands to a wireless network system
8 9,560,484 Performance of a location response action
9 9,560,367 Parameter set and picture header in video coding
10 9,560,183 Accessory detection
11 9,560,082 Method and network device establishing a binding between a plurality of separate sessions in a network
12 9,559,547 User indication of compatible wireless charging area
13 9,559,441 Connector arrangement
14 9,559,412 Wireless portable electronic device having a conductive body that functions as a radiator
15 9,559,288 Apparatus that changes physical state and a method
16 9,558,761 Causation of rendering of song audio information based upon distance from a sound source
17 9,558,559 Method and apparatus for determining camera location information and/or camera pose information according to a global coordinate system
18 9,557,401 Method and apparatus for providing location information of user devices based on signal frequencies of transmitters