Nokia patents granted on 31 March 2015

18 US patents granted on 31 March 2015 and assigned to Nokia

1 8,996,995 Method and apparatus for phrase replacement
2 8,996,729 Method and apparatus for synchronizing tasks performed by multiple devices
3 8,996,693 Method and apparatus for providing dynamic stream processing of data based on static analytics
4 8,996,688 Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling data sharing
5 8,996,454 Remote management and access of databases, services and devices associated with a mobile terminal
6 8,996,451 Method and apparatus for determining an analysis chronicle
7 8,996,077 Method and apparatus to limit periodic uplink transmissions
8 8,996,017 Method and apparatus for distributing synchronization information
9 8,996,011 Mobility state estimation enhancement for small cell and heterogeneous network deployments
10 8,995,990 Method, an apparatus, and a system for creating an intelligent recipient list configured to dynamically identify and present additional recipients to the user
11 8,995,917 Method, system and radio station for interference cancellation
12 8,995,911 Apparatus and associated methods
13 8,995,335 Scalable deployment of network nodes
14 8,995,328 Multicast service
15 8,995,316 Mobile telephone for internet applications
16 8,995,281 Logged drive test reporting
17 8,995,267 Handling of overloads and handovers in a communications network
18 8,994,838 Motion adaptive cropping for video stabilization