Nokia patents granted on 31 May 2011

11 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Nokia

1 7,953,799 Service control device and method
2 7,953,732 Searching by using spatial document and spatial keyword document indexes
3 7,953,665 Method and system for delivering content to and locking content in a user device
4 7,953,404 Method to decentralize the counting of abnormal call release events on a per cell base in digital cellular communication networks
5 7,953,399 Network-initiated service change from speech to multimedia
6 7,953,376 Synchronization method for discontinuous transmissions in a communications network
7 7,953,243 Gasket and associated apparatus and methods
8 7,953,006 Handling multiple point-to-multipoint services
9 7,952,989 Permuting slots to logical distributed resource units
10 7,952,639 Piezoelectric actuator element for micromovement
11 7,952,612 Method and system for image construction using multiple exposures